Thoughts of Green Green

My favourite colour is green. Green is good for the eyes and it makes me feel at peace with myself. I love the nature. At times nothing is better than just relaxing on the beach looking at beautiful people.

Monday, April 25, 2005

A self introduction

This is a continuation from my blog at friendster, so for earlier entries please go to nataliesg . I am going to post the less serious stuff here. First an introduction, I am 25 going to be 26. Married. I have a 11 year old brother who is born in 1994. My life is simple but my mind is complicated. People say I am competitive. But to me, I am just doing my work. I find the challenge in life is to be really happy. How many people are happy?

They say that they have money, property and friends. But are they really happy? Would a rich person automatically be happy? I don't think so. Green Green is the funny version of my name....ching cheng or qing qing. I used to be angry when classmates or teachers make fun of my name. But now I have grown, I am okay with it. You can also call me Miss Mah, I don't really mind. After all, it makes feel like I am still single.

More posts coming up....